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Denver Big Air

I recently checked out the inagural Denver Big Air event ( which acted as an awesome kickoff event to the Snowsports Industry Association show over the weekend.  Anyway the Denver Big Air competition was fantastic to watch, and I must say I will be back next year to see it again.   In case you missed it, they basically put a huge  ramp in the middle of civic center park (a.k.a. downtown Denver), load it up with snow, and have a big air trick competition for the riders.  The ramp was 101 feet high, 300 feet long and 80 feet wide, and ontop of that its basically just scaffolding……INSANE!!!!  The major bonus was in between the preliminary rounds and the final, One Republic got up on stage and played an awesome set.  They are a local Colorado band that is phenomenal.  These are just a couple of fun pictures at the event. 

Teva Games – Vail Colorado

These are shots I took up at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO this year.  Its a pretty sweet event, that features a ton of outdoor sports like rockclimbing, biking, kayaking, running, (including a mud run) etc.  They even have a huge pool set up and do some of the dog water jumping events. 

Landscape Portfolio Pictures are begining to get posted!!!

Check em out here:

Kid Shots for Portfolio

Just uploading some recent stuff I shot in the Studio and at the Littleton Historical Museum.  FYI the Littleton Historical Museum is a pretty cool place, thats a great place to take the family.

Panorama – Tortolla / Virgin Gorda

I’ve always loved shooting landscape, but it can be a nightmare sometimes.  I took both of these on Virgin Gorda which is a small island near Tortolla in the British Virgin Islands.  These were taken around 2009, but I first got the experience of this wonderful area on a sailing trip in 2007.  If you ever get a chance to spend some time on Tortolla, I would highly recomend it.  I think if I had to pick a place today to Retire this would probably be the spot I would do it.  One of the best secluded beaches I have ever been to.  If you really want to know how to find this amazing place, shoot me a message and ill give you some directions.

Dave and Sonya Riffel Fall Shoot

Just posting up lots of new content and pictures for the site.  Did this shoot with my friends Dave and Sonya for their Fall / Holiday cards.  It was a great afternoon and after the dogs ran around for a while, we really got some nice shots.

What the #$%^ is Refraction?

It’s inevitable that on occasion when I tell people the name of my website www.Refraction I will get a semi blank stare, and then “What is refraction”.  I guess you could say I am a victim of my own making, but at the same time its kinda enjoyable, because it reminds me of what I really like to do.  A fairly solid definition of Refraction is a change in direction of a wave due to a change in its velocity. Most commonly seen when wave passes from one medium to another.  Unfortunately that really isn’t the solid explanation that works for everyone, so I am going to do my best to explain it as it relates to everyday life and photography. 

You can see refraction at work when you poke a stick into clear water; it looks bent at the water surface.  Again looking obliquely through a thick piece of glass or bottle.  The parts of the view through the glass look offset relative to what you can see directly.  Most importantly because of refraction, lenses bend the light and focus it on the tiny CCD chip (or film) that records every picture we take with our cameras. 

Its good to remember that refraction only happens through relatively clear materials.  Diffusely materials like milky plastic, or sand blasted glass will mainly scatter or reflect the light. 

As light travels in a straight direction it will always take the minimum time of flight path through an object.  Thus as light hits the front of a lens head on it continues straight through the lens and doesn’t change direction, but if light comes from any angle as it hits the lens (glass element) the light will bend to travel at a sharper angle as it passes into the glass. Where exactly it lands ends up being the point that has minimum travel time. If you were to consider a plane inside the glass parallel to the surface of the glass and calculate, based on the speed in air and the speed in glass, the time it would take the light from the specified source to hit various points on this plane, you’d find the point it actually hits is the one that has the shortest time of flight. This idea for determining the “why” of refraction originated with the mathematician Fermat, who found that the “principle of least action” applied to many things in physics.

If you want the crazy math of it check out:

If none of that jiberish made much sense and you need a better explanation check out:

So now when you read this definition it should make a lot more sense.  Refraction is a change of direction of a ray of light. Light that is traveling in a straight line alters course – bends – when it strikes light-transmitting substances such as glass or clear plastic at any angle other than perpendicular.  What does Refraction mean from a marketing perspective?  I like to think of myself as a medium that light image) passes through, and I bend it through personal composition.  Refraction photo just stands for my control or manipulation of the light!!!

Brian & Carly Picard – 11-12-2010

Had an awesome time shooting these two in Mexico.  It was a gorgeous wedding located at the Jade Riviera Maya in Mexico.  The wife and I flew into Cancoon on Tuesday and enjoyed the sun for a few days.  I ended up on a deep sea fishing boat Wednsday and we managed to catch a couple things….namely Tecate and Bud light as they got thrown around the boat.  We’ll just say it was a good thing it was a charter and we wern’t driving it around the marina.  Other than that we mainly hung around the awesome resort and enjoyed the great weather.  The wedding was gorgeous, the people were fantastic and although we had a little hiccup getting home, I couln’t have asked for more!  Check out some of the pictures on the jump.

Product Shots – Scrubs

I have a good friend that is in the process of setting up apparel manufacturing and sourcing systems to use the incredible resources of South Africa (Mainly Kenya).  If you happen to be looking at importing or creating a new clothing line, you can find a link to his site here: ESPLIN ENTERPRISES.  Recently he asked me to come in and shoot some veterinarian scrubs for a clients catalog, and although it wasn’t a glamorous photo shoot, our model was great and I love to get into the studio when I can.  Hardest part about this shoot was making a product like scrubs standout and really pop to a potential customers eyes.  Check out more pictures after the jump. (more…)

1st Post – Happy New Year

Well for my newyears resolution I finally decided to get moving and set up a website after an encouraging meeting with my last Bride & Groom.  I think it will be good and I will try to post something at least once a week.  I have a feeling my material will vary, sometimes apealing to the photographer, and other times apealing to potential clients.  Either way I’m sure this thing will begin to take a mind of its own the more I post.