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Kid Shots for Portfolio

Just uploading some recent stuff I shot in the Studio and at the Littleton Historical Museum.  FYI the Littleton Historical Museum is a pretty cool place, thats a great place to take the family.

Product Shots – Scrubs

I have a good friend that is in the process of setting up apparel manufacturing and sourcing systems to use the incredible resources of South Africa (Mainly Kenya).  If you happen to be looking at importing or creating a new clothing line, you can find a link to his site here: ESPLIN ENTERPRISES.  Recently he asked me to come in and shoot some veterinarian scrubs for a clients catalog, and although it wasn’t a glamorous photo shoot, our model was great and I love to get into the studio when I can.  Hardest part about this shoot was making a product like scrubs standout and really pop to a potential customers eyes.  Check out more pictures after the jump. (more…)