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Denver Big Air

I recently checked out the inagural Denver Big Air event ( which acted as an awesome kickoff event to the Snowsports Industry Association show over the weekend.  Anyway the Denver Big Air competition was fantastic to watch, and I must say I will be back next year to see it again.   In case you missed it, they basically put a huge  ramp in the middle of civic center park (a.k.a. downtown Denver), load it up with snow, and have a big air trick competition for the riders.  The ramp was 101 feet high, 300 feet long and 80 feet wide, and ontop of that its basically just scaffolding……INSANE!!!!  The major bonus was in between the preliminary rounds and the final, One Republic got up on stage and played an awesome set.  They are a local Colorado band that is phenomenal.  These are just a couple of fun pictures at the event. 

Teva Games – Vail Colorado

These are shots I took up at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO this year.  Its a pretty sweet event, that features a ton of outdoor sports like rockclimbing, biking, kayaking, running, (including a mud run) etc.  They even have a huge pool set up and do some of the dog water jumping events. 

Brian & Carly Picard – 11-12-2010

Had an awesome time shooting these two in Mexico.  It was a gorgeous wedding located at the Jade Riviera Maya in Mexico.  The wife and I flew into Cancoon on Tuesday and enjoyed the sun for a few days.  I ended up on a deep sea fishing boat Wednsday and we managed to catch a couple things….namely Tecate and Bud light as they got thrown around the boat.  We’ll just say it was a good thing it was a charter and we wern’t driving it around the marina.  Other than that we mainly hung around the awesome resort and enjoyed the great weather.  The wedding was gorgeous, the people were fantastic and although we had a little hiccup getting home, I couln’t have asked for more!  Check out some of the pictures on the jump.